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Cooperation for mutual benefit


Free treatment in the hospital puts smile in the face of Abdul Shah (left in the picture) a resident of Surkh-e Parsa.As the Afghan security forces continue to expand the rule of law and provide security across the country, the help of the people of Afghanistan is increasing.

The ANSF in Parwan province have recognised the efforts made by local people and are making efforts to provide similar support.
At the Parwan Police Training Centre, the Afghan National Security Forces are now operating a hospital that also provides treatment for civilian patients. This kind of outreach and care is showing locals that their support to the security forces is both deserved and just.

According to Dr Basir, the director of the medical facility, approximately 130 patients receive treatment on any given day of the week. “At the present moment we receive people from Parwan, Kapisa, Panjshir, and even patients from some parts of Kabul come for treatment; our staff does their best to try and see everyone,” he said.

Dr Basir, director of the hospital, says they also provide treatment to civilian patients from Kapisa, Parwan and Panjshir.

Some of the operating costs and supplies are provided by the Republic of Korea Provincial Reconstruction Team. The medical centre mostly provides treatment for common diseases and ailments including rheumatism, flu and stomach ailments. All treatments are free of charge which is appreciated by patients with a limited income.

Abdul Shah, an older gentleman and resident of Surkh-e Parsa district, says his rheumatism often flares up in winter. He appreciates the care provided by the ANSF in Parwan. “We are very happy with the services of this hospital and the dedicated doctors; we get medicine for free and it is very effective,” he said.

The care shown to the people of Parwan is not lost on its residents. Abdul Wahid, a Parwan resident, was waiting patiently with an older relative in the medical centre and said, “We are all ready to cooperate with the security forces of our nation; our development and future depends on our support to them.”

Mohammad Yousuf Safaar, a scholar and student of political and military science, agrees with this premise. “We can see around the world and throughout history that the success of national security forces depends on their relationship with the people.

In Afghanistan, we see that where that relationship is good, the security is better. If the people of Afghanistan want to have a stable and prosperous country, their assistance to the security forces is in their own best interests.”