Thu, Oct

Graduation of midwives and nurses


After two years of professional education 48 midwives and nurses got graduation and presented to the community for the service. And will be deployed for jobs in different districts of Khost. And uniquely the rate of mortality will be reduced to the lower level.

The chief of Khost public health department Gul Mohammad Mohammadi said to the organized ceremony which was organized in this regard. The educated girls were from remote districts including center of Khost city. And based on it the mortality rate will be reduced.
He earlier says, the total cost of these girls was taken up by Norwegian Committee. 24 girls got education in the fields of Nursing and remaining are educated in the field of Midwives and all of them will be employed for job in the districts of this province.
Dr. Mohammadi states in this regard, “Up to now we presented 175 Midwives and 61 Nurses for service to the community and still now 101 students are busy with studies in this field based on Norwegian and OHPM helps and with the employment of these nurses and Midwives will bring down the rate of mortality unparalleled.
Official of Khost health department say, all of the problems of the people will be solved which are created during the time of mortality.
Same time the responsible of Nurses and Midwives part Khadeja Safi says, they have plan to extend this program for longer and they took exam early from other girls and assuring that they health problems of the people will be solved to some extent.
In this regard Khadeja Safi says, “Those girls who got graduation from this program all of them are employed and still we have hope that the fresh graduated girls will also get job and we are reaching out to the targeted goal which was put for the reduction of the rate of mortality.
Zahida, who got graduation from Midwives part and a resident of the distant district of Bak says, that she is ready to perform job in her own district or in any other remote parts of other districts.
According to the statement of Miss. Zahida, her intention for joining the Midwives course was to serve other girls and women and still take over any kind of danger and will serve for other women.
In this regard she states, “If I am employed in any part of Khost I assure you that I will carry on the job properly and will bring reduction in the rate of mortality”.
According to the counts till now 200 girls are educated in mentioned parts, who are busy with jobs in center and districts of Khost city. And it’s yet to be mentioned that tens of girls are busy with the education of Nursing and Midwives and sooner will other girls will get graduation and will be employed for jobs in different part of Khost city.