Thu, Oct

MSF reopens its clinic in Kunduz


During the first fall of Kunduz province to the Taliban, local residents lost everything including Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) Kunduz hospital which was completely eliminated in an air strike and at least 50 patients and Doctors were killed and injured.

MSF Hospital Reopened

Two years later, the MSF once again started free of charge treatment with the reopening of a clinic in Kunduz province. Local residents welcomed this and said this is an example of improved security in the province.

 “We work five days a week and can’t afford to keep patients in hospital for night treatments”. Said Dr. Ezatullah head of Kunduz MSF clinic.
He says, to start a full-time operation in Kunduz province, MSF officials are in talks with Afghan government.

According to him, the government has promised them to provide full proof security so that they can once again expand their activities.

At the same time, Kunduz's citizens welcome the restoration of the clinic and urge the government to provide the security for the hospitals.