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FrostbitesWhat is frostbite?

Frostbite is frozen body tissue and it must be handled carefully to prevent permanent tissue damage or loss. It is a medical condition brought on by extreme cold. Children are at greater risk because they may spend a lot of time playing outside in cold temperatures and lose heat from their skin more rapidly.

The scarcity of dentists in most parts of Afghanistan means there is usually no alternative to prevention if you wish to avoid tooth decay.In a country with only a 1,700 dentists for a population of nearly 30 million, it is the first duty of a health column − which focuses on the mouth in this issue − to insist that readers encourage their sons and daughters to enter the field of dental surgery.

EyeIf the eyes are the window of the soul, it is advised to keep them spotless.

If a burn covers an area larger than 5-8 cm in diameter seek medical treatment right away.With the colder weather confining children more to the house, the risk of burns and scalding rises.

Iodised salt is made by adding a tiny amount of iodine to every gram of salt.

Iodine is essential for human survival. Lack of iodine is the leading preventable cause of brain damage among infants and can significantly lower the intelligence of whole populations.

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