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Vegetables should be thoroughly washed with clean water before they are cooked or eaten raw to avoid worms and parasites.Parasites are like uninvited guests who feast on the host to its ultimate destruction. In humans, children in particular, the most common parasites are worms found in the gut.

Polio VaccinationThe first phase of the autumn polio vaccination drive was launched on Sunday across the country, where 17 positive cases were registered this year, officials said.

Haly’s Pit Viper may be pale grey, olive, yellowish or dark brown, with dark grey cross-bands. They are found in dry, rocky areas, in desert shrub, wooded steppes and mountainous areas above 500 metres.There are 12 different species of poisonous snake in Afghanistan belonging to three main families: vipers, pit vipers and cobras/kraits.

tetanus vaccinationTetanus is a serious condition that is caused by a bacterial infection.

LeprosyLeprosy is a disease that causes skin sores, nerve damage and muscle weakness. It is believed in some places to be a punishment for the victims’ sins. 

menangitisIn Afghanistan, meningitis usually proves fatal. It is of utmost importance to contact a doctor if symptoms occur.

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