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OUTBREAKS of measles are not uncommon in Afghanistan.
Recently, the disease swept across the Gezab district in Daikondi province, infecting 900 people and killing 40.

ChickenpoxThere has been an outbreak of chickenpox in northern Balkh province. Sada-e Azadi takes a closer look at the condition.

Work injuriesAs Afghanistan becomes more peaceful, one of the most common ways to be killed or injured will be accidents while working. A worker injured on the job can miss work and not earn income to support his family.

SlaapWe spend third of our lives sleeping. We need to sleep because it is essential for maintaining normal levels of speech, memory, innovative and flexible thinking.

Poppy harvestingMany farmers and laborers who grow and harvest poppy do not realize how easily they can become addicted - often by accident - to this dangerous and life threatening drug.

SUBSTANCE abuse is one of this country’s biggest health problems. There are about 1 million Afghans who use illegal drugs. Of those, around 200,000 are entrenched addicts using opium and heroin.

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