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Unity guarantees good future.



Afghanistan is home to many tribes, these nations have lived together for thousands of years in unity.


HMD Photo Borders and tribes affairs Director Ahmad Naveed Nazari 2


All the tribes of the country are always in a consistent and unanimous agreement with different national issues.


The borders and tribes affairs Director Ahmad Naveed Nazari says that all of the residents in this country are brothers.


Nazari says that with national unity, all the problems of the country should be resolved, and we should not give any chance to the enemies of our country to interfere in internal issues.


Nazari said in recent times some neighboring countries intelligence agencies attempted to create a distinction between the people, but did not achieve their goals because the nation is united.


Naveed Nazari also says that the national unity is also the cause of development in the fields of economy, agriculture, education, health and other parts.


In addition, tribal elders of Helmand also want from all the nations to live in unity.


Tribal leader Abdul Baqi Khan says that the national unity between the Afghans is very important, if we do not agree, so we will provide chance of interfere to other countries.


Also, another tribal elder Gul Muhammad says that all the Afghans are welcome in the national unity, and they will not allow anyone to annihilate the unity between the Afghans and harm the national unity.


Tribal elder Agha Gul said the national unity is not only the government's task, but the nations and tribes should also support the government with strengthen of the national unity.