Fri, Oct

Good leadership & Cleaning Trashes


In recent years the population of Kunduz has swelled to nearly 300,000, from just 50,000 about ten years ago. Many of the newcomers came to the city to flee violence in the countryside and this influx has strained city services.

Thanks Allah and local government mange things well with help and support of international community not only to get red off obstacle and facilitated locals with all their needs, but pill up mountains of rubbish from road, sidewalks, waste and prevent from spread of diseases wind blows the dust through the air or cars movement.

The Kunduz mayor department success matter into their own hands by appoints 28 new staffs to increase the municipality capacity. Zabiullah Majedi deputy chief mayor council advising board praised the professional act of department requested locals to dump their rubbish onto the collection points not on streets.

“Cleaning environment is not job of governmental employees, but it is task of individual Afghan citizens to play their part and prevent trash throwing everywhere,” said Majidi.

“Government is not obligate to do all job of us. We should do some jobs which are belonging to us.” Faroq Salem 44 year old shopkeeper in Kunduz praised great job of local government said Sada-e-Azadi that he is no longer has to deal with dust and stink of pollutions.

“Now I can smile fresh air not stink,” said Salem. “Now I open early and close late due to the constant stream of customers.  All is because of neatness and collecting rubbish. Much appreciate their efforts.”

It is vital to mention that collecting rubbish is not only great work Kunduz mayor department has done, but they recreate parks, sport stadiums, gravel roads, dig wells, repaired schools and implement many more welfare projects that facilitate thousands of the people and provide job opportunities for dozens of jobless like recent recruiting in Kunduz.