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MAIL is implementing new projects for farming.


Agriculture is an important economic resource for many families in Helmand. That’s why the Afghan government is implementing new projects to help farming.

HMD Photo MAIL is implementing basic projects for farming 5

Abdul Razaq Sat the provincial manager of the National horticulture and Livestock Program, has designated projects for farming, one of which is drying rooms for grapes.

In the first step, 9 grapes drying rooms will be created in central areas. These rooms are worth about 6 million AFN and each stakeholder will pay 40 percent.

Eng Ahmad Shah Khairi, Director of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock of Helmand province, says this is the priorities of them to design and implement these Projects. The expectation is that these drying rooms will increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products in the province.

The owner of these grapes drying room Hukum Khan said that last year, farmers sold grapes at low prices to the market. But now they will be able to dry the grapes and have the opportunity to get higher prices.

In the last few years the Afghan government and the international community have provided multiple beneficial projects like these to strengthen the economic conditions of farmers.