Thu, Oct

The agricultural land yields of the residents of Nad Ali district are amenable


With the proper air for cultivating various products, Helmand has been helping farmers grow and harvest crops throughout the year.  Now, in Helmand, Helmand is the second season of collecting agricultural products, most of which are ghee, livestock, peanuts, or mumble, beans, etc. Products that farmers receive in the second half of the year.

Shafiullah, a resident of the Nad Ali district, says an acreib will produce about 200 meals of peanut, after collecting their land yields, they brought it to Lashkar Gah for sale.

He says the lack of a market for agricultural production in Helmand has caused them to worry about cultivating their crops because they say that people around the world choose an egg every year to get a good result.

He said roadblocks will not allow them to sell their crops most of the time, but says they will be pleased if the government withdraws their areas out of control of the Taliban.

Agha Noor come to the market to sell the products that people in the district of Nawa, such as gourmets, livestock, beans, and basil, but adds to the satisfaction of this year's harvest for the people.

He said people in the opium district do not plant because, according to him, the cultivation of opium is haram, he does not want to feed his people from haram products.

Noor Mohammad is one of the most popular buyers in the country, saying that more people are going to the market today to sell agricultural products, he said there is a good price for the products, which is why most farmers bring jams and peanuts to Lashkar Gah for sale.

Helmand governor spokesman Omar Zowak said agricultural products are rising this year, saying the provincial administration is trying to market products that come from Helmand to the district.

He said the central government has also talked about the earliest opportunity for all agricultural land to be transferred to other provinces for sale.