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Kunduz farmlands cleared of locusts


rice-bagsMore than 26 hectares of agricultural land has been cleared of locusts in northern Samangan province, officials claimed on Sunday.

But farmers complained the insects continued to damage their farmlands in some areas. A drive against the grasshoppers, launched almost two and a half months ago, has just concluded.
Agriculture Department official Gulabuddin Ghayasi said 10 employees and hundreds of residents were involved in the campaign that destroyed millions of locusts.
Agricultural Affairs Manager Noor Muhammad said abundant rains over the past two years had made the province a happy hunting ground for locusts. But the department’s action eliminated them before they attacked crops.
Sher Gul, a 27 years old farmer from Aibak, was happy with the campaign in his area. He has sown wheat on five acres of land and hopes for two tonnes of yield.
But some growers, living near the border with Baghlan and Kunduz provinces, said their farmlands continued to be damaged despite the anti-locust campaigns in their areas.

Source:Pajhwok afghan news