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Fuel, wheat & sugar prices decline in Kabul

fuelPrices of fuel, wheat flour and sugar declined in Kabul during the outgoing week, market sources said on Thursday. A fuel station owner in Wazirabad area said the rate of one litre of petrol fell from 45 to 4o afghanis and the same quantity of diesel from 44 to 43 afghanis.
Abdul Saboor told Pajhwok Afghan News the decline was linked to falling fuelling rates in the international market and abundant imports.

He linked the decline in fuel price to international market trends and a large quantity of imports in recent weeks.

A gas seller in Taimani area, Mohammad Sharif, sold one kilogram of liquefied gas for 50 afghanis, compared to last week’s price of 65afs.

The rates of firewood and gas stayed unchanged. A stall owner in Charahi Shahid area, Khan Mohammad, said the price of per 560 kilograms of Cocobolo firewood decreased from 6,500 to 6,200afs and the same amount of coal from 6,800 to 6,200afs.

Fazal Rahman, Food Traders' Union head, said a 50-kiogram sack of Pakistani flour accounted for 1250 afs, compared with last week’s rate of 1,270afs.

The price of a 50-kg bag of flour fell to 1640afs from 1720afs. But the rates of other food items saw no change, with 24 kilograms of rice selling for 1,500afs, 16 litres of ghee for 1,000afs and a kilogram of African black tea for 210afs.

However, a retailer in Dahan-i-Bagh area, Khan Ali, sold a 49-kg bag of flour for 1,350afs, a 50-kg sack of sugar for 1,800afs, a 24-kg bag of rice for 18,00afs and a 16 litre tin of Momin ghee for 1,100afs.

Mohammad Fawad, a jeweller in Timor Shahi area, said the price of one gram of Arabian gold remained stable at 2,050afs and the same quantity of the Iranian variety at 1,650afs.

Moneychanger Ahmad Shah said the buying rate of one US dollar was 57.20afs, while 1,000 Pakistani rupees accounted for 530afs. Last week's exchange value of the dollar stood at 58afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees at 570afs.