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Afghanistan begins exporting talc to distant markets


For the first time in history, through the Lapis Lazuli land corridor, an Afghan company has begun exporting fully processed talc powder to Jordan. Prior to this achievement, there was not a facility to process the mineral and Afghanistan was exporting its total unprocessed talc stones only to neighboring countries. The Core Drillers Inc. (CDI) in Shaikh Mesri, Nangarhar has exported 76 tons of fully processed talc worth more than $20,000/1,489,000 AFG to Jordan.

Talc is primarily extracted from Nangarhar, Parwan, Kandahar, Kabul and Paktia provinces. Talc powder is used in more than 70 diverse items including food stuff, chewing gum, medicine, computer screens, car switchboards and chocolates. The newly established trade routes strengthens Afghanistan’s position as an emerging exporter within the international market, providing talc to businesses throughout the world.

Afghan investors are seeking global markets for their products and they have already opened offices in some countries to export talc.

“Afghan talc has found a place in the world market,” said Abidullah Azizi, chief executive officer of CDI. “Recently, we have opened sales offices in the UK, Germany, China, India, Turkey, and the expansion will continue to other countries to introduce our Afghan talc powder.”

Azizi says that he has garnered interest from buyers in the United States, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ministry of Mines and petroleum says, now, they have provided good investment opportunities in excavation and processing of these minerals. Currently 32 private companies are working in the field of talc excavation and processing.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum has done great work in provided investment opportunities for the talc industry, supporting the excavation and processing of the minerals. Currently, 32 companies of various sizes are working in the talc industry throughout Afghansitan.

“We want to expand efforts and encourage foreign investment,” said Abdul Qadeer Mutfi, spokesman of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. “We have many projects both nationally and internationally. Our main goal is to increase revenue and provide work opportunities for Afghans.”

Afghanistan has more than 1,400 mineral fields containing numerous minerals popular in industries around the world, including copper, gold, iron, as well as precious and semi-precious stones, and even salt. The industrial value of Afghanistan’s resources is estimated at more than three trillion dollars. The Afghan government continues the implementation of plans to support local industry in taking advantage of both national and international business opportunities for Afghans.