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Learning education brings development and peace


Experts believe that increasing level of education helps to improve security because educated people understand importance of their role in ensuring security and can’t be deceived by fabricated propaganda of terrorists. 

Education Brings Peace in Nangarhar

The sweet sounds of school bell gives good news and invite boys and girls to learn education for a developed prospering future.  Warm season’s schools annual vacations ended. Hundreds of thousands of boys and girls returned to classrooms with fresh minds in the eastern Nangarhar province. 

Provincial Governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal informed that the school buildings which were damaged by terrorists will be reconstructed and new buildings will be built for schools which are facing problem of having proper shelter.

He urged armed opponent groups to stop enmity toward candle of education. He informed that.

“It is Islamic and humanitarian right of every child to learn education. Terrorists attempt to deprive our people from not only education but all rights through destruction of schools, clinics, bridges roads and other infrastructures” Gov. Mangal insisted.

Governor Mangal also said, “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan attempt to remove all hurdles in front of education as well as improving quality of learning and expands access of every person to education.”

Acting Education Director of Nangarhar Sayed Esa Sadat stated that eighty schools were closed because insecurities in remote areas last year but 68 of them reopened by cooperation of the locals and tribal elders.

“More than 30 thousand boys and girls newly enrolled at schools this year. Thirst for education is increasing among people because they understood the importance of education. Tribal elders, religious clerics and teachers played very efficient role in increasing awareness about necessity of learning education in the community.”

According to education directorate officials about 800 thousand students 48 percent of them girls are learning education at 980 schools in Nangarhar.

Noor Rahman, 8th grade student of Charbagh High School terrorists attempted to close schools and Madrassas in remote areas of our district but locals prevented them. “Enemies never want goodness of you. Terrorists can never afford to see our children learning education to become doctor, teacher, engineer or other cadre to serve the country.”

Religious cleric Masal Khan urged families to provide learning opportunity for girls and boys equally. “When the parents are educated, they better know the rights of each other and other people. Protection of rights brings justice and make life will be full of joys” He said.

He added, “Whoever becomes hurdle in the way of getting education, he is acting against the teachings of holly Islam. Religious lessons are taught beside other sciences at schools. Closing or destruction of schools means prevention of understanding Islam and the ways toward success.”