Thu, Oct

Elder's role in strengthening education


Ayoub Omar Omari, Garamsir district, says he is working with the elders in all areas of activity, he said that among the active schools in the district, there are also three girls' schools. Omari adds that tribal elders in this district have worked hard to make schools open to students, he said, the result of this peoples' cooperation is to remain active in education.

He said there are 39 schools in this district, including 28 schools in the district, including a religious school, a religious school, and 28 of these schools.

District governors say 15,000 people in the district are going to school, he also added 120 local classes from institutions such as UNICEF and GPA to educate people.

Akhtar Mohammad, a resident of Garamsir district, said the educational gateways to the students have always been open, he said, all of them could be the result of people's cooperation.

He added that the people want their children to be literate, so they have tried to stop any children in the villages from education, Akhtar Mohammed says the government has not denied any effort in enhancing education.

Abdul Raziq, a 10th grade student, says he is getting to the classroom every day to study, he says, "It's more energetic than encouraging his family to learn science."

He said the Department of Education has been working on the distribution and distribution of textbooks, students have the opportunity to enjoy in the cold winter.

The government of Helmand, head of education in Qudratullah Yaqubi, says that the government salaries to all teachers, which is why it is trying hard to teach students to learn about the students in the Garamsir district.

In the Garamsir district, people's cooperation has made all schools open to students, he said. These collaborations have led elder peers to supervise the teaching staff in rural areas, in addition to training staff.

Helmand's head of education says three girls' schools are active in Garamsir district, girls from different villages go to study.