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moeIn line with the runoff ballot slated for June 14, all educational institutions to stay closed from June 10 to 15 throughout the country, the Ministry of Education (MoE) said on Monday.
Separately, the Ministry of Labour said in a statement that June 14 would be a public holiday countrywide in connection of the presidential runoff vote.

School-reopened-in-KundozAt least 24 schools closed due to security concerns in Dasht-i-Arche district of northern Kunduz province reopened on Saturday, the Ministry of Education announced.

a-school-is-everyone-famillyIn the Community Based School Waghar Dara in the Kishim District in Badakshan the students and the teachers see each other as family. Therefore everyone does what they can to contribute to the construction of two new classrooms.

village schoolIn its effort to make schools safer and ensure the right to education for all Afghan children, the Government of Afghanistan is mobilizing community elders in remote areas to help protect schools from insurgents’ attacks, according to a senior official from the country’s Ministry of Education.

women-learn-religious-educationThe Department of Women’s Affairs in Jalalabad holds regular classes for women, where they learn about Islam and literacy. The programme is very popular and 250 women have enrolled, Torpikay Shinwari, head of culture at the department, said.

Farida, a mother of two, has always wanted to learn about Islam. “It was my great desire to be able to learn the Holy Quran so I could talk to my children and other women about Islam. It is never too late to learn; Islam requires every Muslim man and woman to learn from the cradle to the grave.”



Looking back, Roqia is proud of how far she has come since those early years of oppression.Wearing a traditional hijab and a hardhat, Engineer Roqia is a modest woman who speaks with a soft voice.

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