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People must support those who work for bringing peace

Life and Society

Mawlawi Abdul Samad, a member of the Ulama Council of Helmand, says that all people are required to take their brothers to bring peace, he adds, those who fight or the insurgents are responding positively to the wishes of the people.

He said people and tribal elders can enter into discussions with insurgents and fighters to convince them to stop fighting, to join the peace process of the Afghan government.

He added Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness. This month, everyone is obliged to encourage their dissatisfied brothers to peace process, on the one hand, the area of ​​insecurity is eliminated, with each other who are in the ranks of the opposition fight, to join their families.

Mawlawi Abdul Samad believes that religious scholars are more responsible for this month than to speak about the position of Islam in peace and tranquility, as people return to mosques for worship during the holy month of Ramadan.

Qari Sayed Jawad, another member of the Helmand Council of Ulama, says that Muslims should be bored during the holy month of Ramadan; in this big month all human beings will receive the hands of individuals and families who need help.

He said people, besides worshiping God, are also required to carry out a peace process, he added, peace talks are not only discussed with peace-keeping groups but also among peoples of the village and mosques, those who are both angry, reconciliation of the face Take

Ali Salehi, a civil activist, says that he has always tried to convince people to calm and sympathize with his sympathizers, because if the youth act alongside the elders of the people, everyone will be in a state of regret, they will reconcile.

He said people are responsible for their community, because without the cooperation of the people, it is not possible that security and peace can be established, but if people strive, no one can break the calm of society.