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Hundreds of Helmand Residents demanded peace and ceasefire from Taliban

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Hundreds of civilians, tribal leaders, religious scholars and women were gathered in Helmand, thy said, the hope for peace in Afghanistan has increased, because all the world's Islamic countries support from peace in Afghanistan and they have condemned the ongoing war.

During a large gathering the tribal elders and residents of Helmand announced their support from peace and ceasefire.

Participants of this gathering called to Taliban for peace and ceasefire, and want from Taliban to start the peace negotiations with Afghan Government.

They also want from Taliban to accept long term ceasefire during Eid al Adha.

These tribal leaders says peace is the demand of all Islamic countries and nations, so it is necessary that the Taliban should respect these demands.

Tribal leaders says armed Taliban should not lose the peace chance.

The female participants also demanded from Taliban to accept the peace and ceasefire offers.

 They say that there has been a great chance of peace to the Taliban, and asks from Taliban to confirm the long-term ceasefire.

According to them, all the Afghan women support from the Afghan President's peace efforts.

Religious scholars said, Islam emphasizes in peace and unity.

Religious scholars appreciated the peace efforts of the Afghan government, and want from Taliban to accept the peace offers and start peace negotiations with Afghan government.

Religious scholars says peace is the causes of development, good economics, and brotherhood.

Religious scholars also want from Taliban insurgents to accept long-term ceasefire during Eid al Adha.