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Wide participation of Herat citizens in the election; a great exam that has passed

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Afghan citizens, with their Extensive presence in the election, have proven their credibility and adherence to the democratic system once again. Herat in western Afghanistan is one of the provinces, that the residents with widespread presence in the polls, have taken another step forwards towards democratic system and they consciously used their right to determine the country's political destiny for the next five years.

Despite Taliban warnings, the presence of people in the election in the city and districts was extensive. Along with men, the presence of women was significant in the election. Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Herat governor, was the first person voted.

Mr. Rahimi assured the people about the security of the elections and said that in some remote areas of some districts such as: Obi, Koshk-e- Kohneh, Pashtun Zarghoon and Golran, where there are security threats, polling stations moved to safe areas and the people can vote on those polling stations.

Aminullah Amarkhail, the Herat security commander, also assured the people about ensuring election security. 5000 security forces are busy securing elections in Herat city and districts, he added.

At the beginning of the day, the number of voters was lower, but gradually increasing the number of voters and in different polling centers, long lines of men and women were formed.

According to the preliminary findings, on Saturday at least 330,000 people including: nearly 113,000 women have voted in Herat city and districts. 

Taliban warnings will not weaken our will to go to polls said Herat residents. They asked other citizens to go to the polls without concern and vote their favorite candidate.

Zalmai Yasini, a Herat citizen who was waiting in the line to vote, said I believe in the future; for this reason, I want to vote to my favorite candidate. Security forces are active in different parts of the city. People have participated in the election with the open spirit and have proven to believe in democracy. The last attempt of the Taliban was martyring General Abdul Raziq Kandahar security commander; But people became more powerful with this Taliban function and concluded that there is no option without going to go to the polls for a better future, he added. "

Abdullah, a middle-aged man, has set a clear vision for his children said, he submitted ballot to his favorite candidate. The election was transparent and I did not see an intervention. This is religious and national responsibility of people to participate in the elections. "

Abdullah another Herat resident said, propose of my participation in the election was having all Afghans a peaceful life and stability in the country. 

In the other side, a number of members of the National Association of Youth Communications of Afghanistan, to show the unity and integrity among different ethnic groups in Afghanistan and to encourage people to the election, have worn Afghan different tribes cloths with Afghanistan flag in their hands.

Dr. Sebghatullah Obaidi, the director of the association, said, our association members including all tribes, have come to the polls with the traditional clothes today to prove that all the peoples of Afghanistan are united and all participate in the election because of the future of their country.

Herat citizens appreciate the ANSF's hard working and efforts to ensure the security of the elections. Approximately 300 polling centers were open in the city and Herat districts.

Herat is one of the provinces that witnessed the largest participation of the people in the election. 161 candidates competed in Herat to win 17 parliamentary seats.

Once again, Afghans succeeded in a great national exam and proved to the world that they are committed to the values ​​of the democratic system and no challenge or threat can prevent their participation in this democratic process.