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Women’s coffee shop opens in Sheberghan City

Life and Society

Malalai Mubariz Ahmadi has opened a women’s coffee shop in Sheberghan City, Jowzjan province. The community space employs five local women and invites numerous clients throughout the day, including students and local professionals.

“I wanted to create a place to gather with my friends and learn from each-other,” said Malalai. “There was no special place for women, so I created one with this coffee shop.”

The coffee shop offers drinks and snacks while locals gather for conversation, networking and sharing ideas. The common space has been used to find work, conduct interviews, share social issues and most importantly, to relax. Local handicrafts and artwork are on display, promoting the talents of local women.

“The coffee shop is a quiet place,” said Mariyah Hazrati, a local university student. “This is the first time I have seen such a place in our province. I am delighted.”

Malalai’s coffee shop is one of many creative businesses growing throughout Afghanistan, several of which are owned by women. The national community is unified in creativity, innovation and supporting entrepreneurship from Afghans of all walks of life. The community is proud to see a local woman turning her creative ideas into a successful business.