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The Afghan National Army remains committed to fighting for a peaceful Afghanistan


The Afghan National army are giving their best to have the control of the security across Afghanistan. They are often living far from their family, so that other families in cities and districts can live in peace. They are giving sacrifices for the peaceful Afghanistan. They are doing all this because they believe in one country and one nation. The officials of the Afghan national army say that they are trying to decrease the number of those ANA members martyred in fighting and, according to them, that is only possible when the Afghan national army continues to train hard.

KDH Graduation


Every two or three months, the 205 Hero corps are graduating the ANA in different parts and they are giving hard training so they can challenge the enemy in any kind of situation. The officials say that they are training the army in hot and cold weather so the soldier get familiar with fighting in both seasons. Recently the 205 Hero corps graduated 104 team leaders and 72 engineers after six months of training.

The deputy head of 205 Hero corps, Gen. Abdul Rahman Parwani said to Sada-e-Azadi that these soldiers got good training which will help them in the field. He says that these soldiers will be successful in their profession and according to him, it will be hard for the enemy to defeat the ANA. Gen. Parwani believes that their soldiers are brave and they can do their job in any kind of situation and area.

Gen. Parwani added, “I believe that these newly graduated soldiers will be able to manage well and they will be able to give a hard time to the enemy in every place of the southern zone. We are training our soldiers for the better security of the country.”

Ahmadullah graduated from six months training and he will now became a team leader. He says that he joined the army just for bringing peace in Afghanistan. He believes that if the youths of Afghanistan really work hard and stand against the enemy, then peace in Afghanistan is possible. He says that good time is coming but he knows that for that good time, the youths need to work hard today so they can see a brighter tomorrow.

Ahmadullah added, “I have seen many problems in my life. I have seen many people dying in front of my eyes but I wasn’t able to do anything, but one day I decided to start the army and I came here. I got training and started working here for my country. Today I graduated from the training and I became the team leader, so I am very happy.”