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Nangarhar Policewomen play an impressive role in bringing peace


Policewomen in eastern Nangarhar province are playing an important role in combating crime and terrorism, conducting joint operations with their male colleagues, an official said on Sunday.

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More than 50 policewomen, deployed to the province, have taken part in a series of counter-terrorism operations and a crackdown on crimes in Jalalabad, the provincial capital, and different districts.

More policewomen are to be inducted into the force by the end of the year. Police spokesman Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiwal said the women’s role has been impressive. They have been effective in curbing violence against women and other criminal activities, according to Mashriqiwal, who urged educated women to join the police force and help bring peace and stability of the country.

He also gave assurance that women police are provided safety precautions in the line of duty, and appropriate work conditions. “Separate office and living quarters have been built for policewomen”. He added.

At leadership meetings, the spokesman said, female personnel were given the opportunity to raise their voice for legitimate rights. Policemen were never allowed to violate the rights of their women counterparts, he added.

Efforts are ongoing to increase the number of policewomen and develop their capacity so they can discharge their duty more professionally. “Literacy courses had been arranged for policewomen with no education,” Mr. Mashriqiwal shared.

Meanwhile, the policewomen in Nangarhar say they are happy with their job and the behavior of their male colleagues. Shakeba, guarding the entrance to the police headquarters, said she was content with her profession.

Another policewoman, who wished to go unnamed, said she was proud of being part of the force. She called on other women to join police ranks and play their role in maintaining law and order.