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ANDSF save thousands of citizens from natural disasters throughout the country


Three days of heavy rain caused major flooding in Afghanistan’s southern and western provinces last month. The response from the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) was a gift from God (Allah), as their actions were swift and life-saving. The ANDSF disaster response missions initially rescued more than 350 citizens in Kandahar. As soon as the water rose, our honorable defense forces arrived in the districts of Maiwand, Dand, Arghandab and Arghistan.

“We transported residents of Kandahar from danger areas to safe locations, supplying food, medicine and medical staff,” said Major General Abdul Raziq Shirzai, commander of Air Forces in Kandahar. “The Afghan Air Force is always ready to help Afghans throughout the country.”

The citizens were grateful for the quick response from ANDSF. If not for the reliable planning and execution from these great leaders, the lives of many citizens may not have been saved.

“The flood destroyed the walls of my house, injuring my children,” said Sebghatullah Khan, resident of Kandahar. “ANDSF helped us, transporting us to a safe location and providing food and heat.”

According to the Ministry of Defense, flooding also severely affected many other locations throughout the south and west, including Zabul, Farah and Herat. The rains destroyed many homes throughout the provinces. The ANDSF’s 207th Zafar Corps rescued more than 1,800 people in Farah, relocating them to safe areas to provide food and clothes, also treating more than 400 injured. The 207th also rescued 600 Afghans from the Shindand district in Herat.

In addition to the severe flooding, the cold weather brought heavy snowfall in many areas, barricading the highways throughout the districts, blocking interprovincial travel. ANDSF responded accordingly to assist travelers.

“I attempted a journey from Herat to Kabul, but because of heavy snowfall, I was stuck with more than 200 other vehicles on the roads in Ghazni,” said Wahid Noori, Herat resident. “We felt helpless but not hopeless, as the ANDSF arrived quickly to clear the roads and assist us in continuing our travels.”

GIRoA has already providing more than 1,000 land patches to citizens affected by the flood, assisting in relocation. A fund of 100 million Afs has been provided to the citizens, to support in rebuilding what they have lost.

The appreciation from the citizens for the ANDSF efforts was highly reflected on social media, with many citizens posting praise, gratitude, and photos of their rescues. The security forces continue to monitor severe weather and dangerous conditions, as to prepare for emergency response in the future.