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Government is a fruitful tree


Strong government guarantees honor and good life for the nation. Unity and people’s support are vitally important factors for strengthening the government.

Government is Fruitful Tree

Tribal elders, religious clerics, locals and civil society’s activists from Laghman, Kunar, Nangarhar and Nuristan provinces gathered in a great gathering in Directorate of Tribal Affairs of Nangarhar. They expressed that they are united and renewed their commitment of support toward government.

Participants praised efforts of high governmental officials in reconciliation with the opponent groups and fighting against terrorism.

A prominent tribal elder of Nangarhar Ihsanullah Kamawal insisted that this elected government has been established by valuable efforts and sacrifices of people.

He added, “People and government are working together for peaceful and developed Afghanistan. Inshallah, we will reach this boat to the beach of successes. We will not allow anyone to create problems in front of government and deteriorate security.”

He also said that all tribes living inside Afghanistan are brothers and should be united against any destructive conspiracy made by the enemies.

Participants of the gathering called upon Afghans not to be deceived by the enemies of peaceful Afghanistan and must be united at hard times in fighting against the miseries.

Gulzar Sangarwal, Chairman of Laghman Provincial Council stated that anyone or any group having a problem or demand should discuss it with government in peaceful environment and should not conduct harsh steps that cause disorder and harming people.

He said, “However peaceful demonstration is a part of democracy but such protests can be misused by the enemies. It is not the time to create more problems for government. In this time, we should stand beside our government for solution of the problems.”

Asif Hotak another tribal elder emphasized that governments are made from residents of the country and should be supported by the residents to work efficiently for prosperity and tranquility.

He remarked, “We are standing stile with our respected government and reassure it to take stable steps toward development and peace.”

Mahmood Shirzad, a religious cleric based in Nangarhar, stated that people saved nothing to support their Islamic government. He said, “Government is a fruitful tree. We planted it. We will take care of it for our goodness.”

He added, “We experienced absence of such a government for several decades in Afghanistan. Almighty Allah gave us another chance to cast our votes for a steady government. It is due to having government, Afghanistan is developed in all sectors and our flag is flown on internationally.”