Thu, Oct

Knowledge is light


Build Your Country, for the Future of your Children

Education is the key to progress and prosperity and children are the future of the country.

Last educational year more than eight million children eligible were covered by the afghan state education system in all over the country by more than 14,000 schools. This shows the great determination of our people and their interest in knowledge and education.
Great God says getting knowledge is mandatory on Muslims men and women. Because knowledge is light and illiterateness is ignorance and darkness. Those communities are lucky which they could change the society in a positive way scholarly and lead it on path of development.
We need to obey the Islamic orders and strive in education of our children.
It is our religious and constitutional duty to let our children go to school and motivate them to learn for their better future. It’s the time for them to learn hard and be prepared for serving and play an effective role in building of Afghanistan.    

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